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Welcome to the City of Woodland Water Conservation site.  Here you will find useful information on indoor and outdoor water conservation, including activities for kids and links to home water usage calculators. 

The Governor has set a goal of a 20% reduction in per capita water use statewide by 2020.  Water conservation is the most cost-effective and environmentally sound way to reduce our demand for water and reach this goal. Using less water puts less demand on the City’s infrastructure, including wells and our sewage treatment facility.  Water savings through water conservation efforts will allow for lower infrastructure costs, saving the City and residents money over time. 

City of Woodland
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News & Events

Water-Wise Wednesdays

Landscape Workshop Series


The second annual Water-Wise Wednesdays workshop series begins March 5! Join the City of Woodland, Yolo County Resource Conservation District, Yolo County Master Gardeners, and UC Davis Arboretum for talks each Wednesday in March on soils, plants, rain water retention, and irrigation. The talks will be held from 7:00 to 8:30 pm at the Woodland Community & Senior Center (2001 East Street). Please see the PDF flyer for more details.

( Water-Wise Wednesdays Workshop Flyer

Take Action to Protect Your Water Supply

Woodland is currently asking water customers to voluntarily cut back water use by 20% in order to prevent potential future water shortages. 2014 is starting out as the third dry year in a row. The Governor has delcared a drought emergency. Little or no rain means the City has less groundwater to pump, and pumping water to deliver to homes and businesses becomes more expensive. As the demand for water increases during the summer months, we could face a shortage in water supplies. For tips on conserving water both indoors and outdoors, please visit www.cityofwoodland.org/waterconservation.

(Water Conservation Notice)

What Does a 20% Reduction Look Like?

Click here to view the full flyer with water use reduction tips!

Free Sprinkler Times Online Program and App

Environmental Services is offering a new form of water conservation assistance free to Woodland residents through a program called Sprinkler Times. Sprinkler Times is an easy to use online program and app that calculates run times for sprinkler systems based on user inputs, such as plant material and soil types, sun exposure, and zip code. The resulting customized monthly watering schedule can help you maximize irrigation efficiency, conserve water, and save money.  To receive the promo code (limited number available) for the free annual subscription, send an e-mail with your address and Utility Bill number to conservewater@cityofwoodland.org.  Your promo code and detailed instructions will then be sent to you.  You can check out Sprinkler Times on the web at http://www.sprinklertimes.com. The Water Conservation Program will also continue to provide rebates for weather-based irrigation controllers, rain sensors, and rain barrels. 

Calculate your home water usage with this free water use calculator from the Alliance for Water Efficiency, simply click the image above.  The Water Calculator automatically compares estimated water use against an average home and efficient home in the same region with the same number of residents. The Water Calculator also estimates the carbon footprint of household hot water use and helps identify areas where improved water efficiency may be possible.


Rain Barrels

The City of Woodland Water Conservation Program will be offering rebates for rain barrels (two rebates allowed per property) beginning November 1, 2011. The rebates will be in the amount equal to the purchase price or $75, whichever is less. The cash rebates will be offered to city residential and commercial water customers.  Rebates are limited so please call (530) 661-2067 to confirm availability.

Rain Barrel Rebate Form

Rain Barrel Placement and Maintenance

Weather-based Irrigation Controller/Rain Sensor Rebate

The City of Woodland Water Conservation Program will be offering a $150 rebate for weather-based irrigation controllers (WBICs) and a $25 rebate (or 50% of the purchase price, whichever is less) for rain sensors beginning July 1, 2011. The cash rebates will be offered to city residential and commercial water customers.  Rebates are limited so please call (530) 661-2067 to confirm availability.

Weather-based Irrigation Controller rebate guidelines and application

Qualifying Irrigation Controllers

Rain Sensor rebate guidelines and application

Water Conservation Brochures

Fall Water Conservation Brochures

Save Water and Energy

Water Conservation Initiative

Leak Detection Brochure

"The Cost of Water Waste"
 (June Woodland Water News)

Water Conservation Kits

Water Conservation Kits for adults and kids are now available from the City of Woodland.  Adult kits include information on indoor and outdoor conservation and kids kits include activity booklets and stickers.  For more details see the 
Water Conservation Kits PDF.

Past Workshops

Water-Wise Wednesdays Workshop Series (March 2013)

The City of Woodland and Yolo County Resource Conservation District offered a free workshop series every Wednesday in March. The workshop topics were : Livin' on a meter (Where to Begin), I fought the lawn and the lawn won (Turf Removal and Site Preparation), You can't always plant what you want (Right Plant, Right Place), and I heard it through the dripline (Irrigation Options and Design). Between 80-90 people attended each workshop which included talks from the Yolo Resource Conservation District, Yolo County Master Gardeners, Cornflower Farms, and the City of Woodland.  Landscape related books and items were raffled off at each event with a large raffle after the 4th workshop for people who attended the entire series.  The raffle included a water-wise plant, hard copy of the Sunset Western Garden Book, a bucket, and hand tools.

Fix-a-Leak Workshop

About 35 people participated in the City of Woodland’s Fix-a-Leak workshop on March 14, 2012.  The event was hosted by Public Work’s Environmental Services Division and held at the Community and Senior Center.  The highlight of the event was a plumbing panel featuring Chris Reynolds from Halls Plumbing in Woodland, Daniel Spatz from Bullseye Leak Detection Specialists in Davis, and Noel Chavez from Streamline Plumbing in Woodland. The plumbers discussed and demonstrated leak detection and the repair of common household leaks. Participants had the opportunity to ask questions of the plumbers following the presentations. Participants received toilet leak detection dye tablets, replacement toilet flappers,  a copy of the “Practical Plumbing Handbook”, and a copy of the DVD “Detecting and Silencing Leaks.”

Landscaping for Water Conservation Workshop

About 60 people participated in the Landscaping for Water Conservation workshop on February 15, 2012. The event was hosted by Public Works’ Environmental Services Division and the Yolo County Resource Conservation District (RCD) and held at the Community and Senior Center.  Presentations included: Overview of Outdoor Water Conservation in Woodland (City), Selecting Water-Wise Plants (Yolo County Master Gardeners), and Irrigation Design & Watering with the Weather (Yolo County RCD and Master Gardeners).

Participants learned about the characteristics of low-water plants, soil amendment and mulching, irrigation system options, and how to determine appropriate irrigation timing for lawns. Displays included examples of traditional turf alternatives; attractive drought-tolerant plants; irrigation system components; and books on landscaping choices and design. A highlight was the interactive quality of the workshop, with attendees sharing hands-on experience and examples of landscaping successes and challenges. A plant raffle was held at the end of the workshop and the City provided hose nozzles and soil moisture meters to residents who completed an evaluation form.

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