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All-Way Stop at California and Beamer Street

October 22, 2014

On Thursday, October 23, City crews will be at the intersection of California and Beamer installing stop signs on Beamer Street to make the intersection an all-way stop!

Specific features of this change include:

  • Instillation of:
    • Stop signs on Beamer Street
    • Stop bars on all approaches
    • "STOP" legends on the approaches
    • School speed limit signs
  • Modification or removal of existing school warning sign assemblies
  • Removal of "Slow School Xing" pavement markings

Removal of signs and pavement legends is required at all stop controlled crossings. Much of the work has been completed however, the remaining work may take a few more days and will impact traffic. The schedule is to complete the work before and after the peak hour traffic.

All drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists are urged to use caution as people adjust to the change.